Monday, April 23, 2012

Sharing our destiny to the world

Hello,today we got the results from our son Darin genetic testing and he has the same two mutation as his older sister Nina,our lives have turned upside down many times but this is the top!!!We are devastated whit the fact  that we have give the bad genes to our daughter and she suffers from mitochondrial Leigh disease(complex 4 deficiency) and she had only 25% to get that from us and also the disease is so rare,some say one in a million!!and now our son the same 25%,so i think with this all our nightmares came true, all our fears are here !!!!  This look like somebody else life with terrible destiny to see how his own children suffer.
I've read a lot of parents blogs and i can say only that this are the strongest,the most desperate and loneliest people on this earth!!this include us !!! This is my first blog and i am new at this and i will write more and we can describe our lives more in next blogs!!!

Family Dimkovski

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