Monday, May 7, 2012

today i'm writing our blog a little bit late this evening because i now have the time to sit on the computer and conduct my thoughts in this text,we are trying to open a donation account in Macedonia and for that we need time, a lot of people offered their help and we are thankful for that.
It was pretty busy day today, i was out from work early this morning, i had one list with all the things i must do and my wife is helping me a lot with all those things, my children are giving me inspiration and we just can't function without each other.
I was in the bank, i had to pay some bills, i was calling to ask for an apointment for the new apartment, we must move out this month and i must do a lot of things, i was in the electricity company to report our moving, i was in the insurance company, i caled the personal menager at my new job where i am supposed to work, than i got back home.
My wife told me that we need some thing from the market and i said, you go there, i'm too tired, so she did and i stayed with Nina and my wife went with Darin to the market with our car, FIRST TIME DRIVING IN GERMANY!!!!
She is a good driver but she need some practice, so i told her to let the phone line open all the time, so that we can speak all the time while she is driving, and she managed well!!!
Than i took Darin to the park and let him play in the sand, then he was all messy and we had to give him a bath right a way, after that Nina had a nice and long bath,she likes bathing, and we got a lot of smiles from her today!We are making a cake tomorrow for Nina's Birthday onWednesday!

                  It was a long day, but with Darin's and Nina's smiles, it was a beautiful day:-)

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  1. Preubavo! Da dade Gospod site denovi da vi se vakvi!