Sunday, May 27, 2012

Zu Hause!

we are finally at home!!!!
Today we connected the internet so we would like to address to you.
It is rented apartment but we feel like ours, we are so tired but happy for this new opportunity to enjoy a little bit more, we will write more tomorrow, we need to find the cable for our camera, everything is still in boxes, so  we hope we can take some pictures tomorrow and upload them on our blog, until tomorrow!!!! is almost tomorrow, we take some pictures today and we would like to share...


  1. All the comments above are all spam. If not, shame on those people.

    You're strong and brave. How is Nina's prognosis?

  2. yes they are, they are deleted now. sorry for the delayed answer. Nina is stable, she is receiving EPI-743 2,5 years, and thank to the Lord she give us smiles everyday.

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